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I have designed this skin care line after much research into the world of Cosmetic Science and Aromatherapy.
We are firm believers in the power of essential oils, natural vitamins, and antioxidants.
They are the living essence of the plant - active and powerful -  and gives life to our products.
We are very passionate about our craft and everything that we create.
Continually looking forward for new ways to improve what we have to offer.
We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour!

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A truly holistic treatment that treats body, mind, and soul

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Immediate results, naturally. The ultimate rejuvenating face treatment

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The perfect treatment to give your skin an instant boost

At SOVERAL caring for the environment and the wellbeing of all living things is at the core of what we do. Our ethos was born in London, Great Britain, we believe in sustainable production that benefits the people and the planet. We are focusing on zero waste production in everything that we make. Our sustainable, traceable and environmentally friendly initiatives are echoed from the sourcing stage to product creation and finally to reaching your doorstep. The SOVERAL packaging is recyclable & responsibly produced and we are offering a refill programme for our glass bottles. We are making a true effort to leave a positive impact on the world, this is our ethos.

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Moisturisers are meant to do what the name implies, to moisturise, and to help the skin with moisture binding. The most effective moisturisers are the ones that need to be worked into the skin a little, this will allow for the water-binding ingredients to blend with the skin, reinforcing its hydrolipidic film.
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organic, science based skincare, created in small batches, hand blended by Alexandra Soveral