A truly holistic treatment that treats the whole; body, mind and soul.
In an age in which we feel disconnected with our inner selves and separate from each other, giving ourselves the space and opportunity for self-healing and reconnection is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
The Ashram Massage will give you that space and time to practice deep relaxing breathing whilst Nita massages your worries away and destresses your deep-rooted muscular tensions, using a combination of techniques that she has developed along her 30 years of practising holistic massage.
During the treatment Nita will encourage you to be aware of your breath:

OUTER BREATH – RELEASE NEGATIVITY (worry, stress, pain, anxiety)
INNER BREATH – TAKE IN POSITIVITY (light, love, compassion, gratitude)

Using nourishing, energising and transforming touch, The Ashram Massage combines deep tissue, Shiatsu pressure points, lymphatic drainage,  and aromatherapy; a dynamic massage that works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This massage is so powerful that you feel the benefits long after the treatment is finished.

Exclusively at the Soveral clinic
60 min - £150
90 min - £190
120 min - £230
Please allow an extra 15 min for a pre-treatment consultation.

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