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  1. Super Hero & Pomegranate2v1

     Pomegranate, grapefruit, Siberian ginseng and . . .bio-fermented leaves?

    Not quite the ingredients you would imagine for a super smoothie bowl to put pep in your step in the morning, but exactly what you need in your skincare.

    We could go on, and on about our Super Hero potion and gauze masks until the bio-fermented leaves blow in – but what do you really need to know about this vegan beauty?

    First up, we have Siberian ginseng to stimulate and energise your skin. Ginseng helps to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This all works towards helping negate the appearance of fatigue and stress, and giving the skin a much needed wakeup call when you’re still trying to peel your eyes open in the morning.

    Numero dos, pomegranate extract. This provides an amazing shot of vitamin C in a bioavailable form. The vitamin C will aid with brightening your skin, and being naturally high in antioxidants, will protect against free radicals. But what is a “bioavailable form” I hear you cry?! What that really means is, it is ready to go, much like chomping down in to an actual pomegranate, your body recognises what it is, what is in it and knows exactly how to extract the good stuff to nourish your body. Your body does not need to convert the ingredients in to a more “user friendly” ingredient before helping it along to get where it needs to go.

    Third up, grapefruit. If you can eat this straight without pulling a face I salute you – however I find it easier to get the super antioxidant (I’m not just throwing adjectives around, it is classed as a super antioxidant) and anti-pollutant from the Super Hero potion. Living in London, I’ve been of the opinion that the more barriers I can put between my skin and the free radicals in the environment, the better. It is easy to think “if I put more on, surely it must be doing more?” Not necessarily.  The more anti-oxidant’s, the harder your skin works to mop up any free radical interlopers. Doing a thorough sweep will get the job done, however your skin, doing its best Usain Bolt with a broom  impression, will just exhaust itself and could possibly lead to an increase in signs of aging. Our grapefruit extract is perfectly balanced to provide all of the support your skin needs for an antioxidant and anti-pollutant boost, without sending it into overdrive, when coupled with the pomegranate extract.

    Fourthly, we use food grade inulin, derived from bio-fermentation, to create the best growing conditions for the good bacteria in the microflora on your skin; much like you should support the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Think bananas, but for your face. This works towards making sure that your skin is balanced, and isn’t being overrun with the bad bacteria that can cause breakouts and inflammation on the skins surface.

    Last, but by no means least, is everyone’s favourite friend – hyaluronic acid. Molecularly speaking hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its weight in water, and works on the epidermal layer of the skin ensuring that your skin does not dehydrate, and appears plumper. Our hyaluronic acid is completely vegan and derived from the bio-fermentation of leaves, helping to make your skin baby soft and bouncy.

    Super Hero truly offers full skin support, helping nourish, protect and hydrate.

    Now, possibly the most important thing – how to use it.
    You know the old adage – all good things in moderation. Super Hero should be applied after an oil massage so that your pores are open and more receptive to absorb the potion – if you find that your skin does not respond well to oil the Super Hero can be used after cleansing thoroughly and spraying with Floral Rain mist. Bear in mind, the more you use the Siberian ginseng, the more your skin recognises it, and the less effective it will be. For best results use Super Hero Potion in the morning every day for 7 days with 21 days break, or use in the morning 2-3 times a week continuously. Super Hero gauze masks can be used at your discretion as a boost to your skin but we would recommend using it for an event or as a self-care pick me up.
    by Kristina

  2. IMG_5462

    Sharing your stories: Part 2 - Vera

    We are looking to share your stories and your beautiful talents, which inspire us all in so many ways and reinforce the importance of what we do at SOVERAL.
    Part two in our inspirational stories is Vera Shadbolt - a professional make up artist and skincare specialist passionate about beauty, nutrition and wellbeing. Based in Cannes, Vera's work can be seen regularly at prestigious events including the Cannes Film Festival or the amfAR Galas.

    Her work is vibrant and eclectic and includes the use of many different textures with her signature touch focusing on luminous and naturally glowing skin.

    "I'm a firm believer that true beauty lies within ourselves - confidence and self love is the key. I believe makeup should empower women, make them believe in themselves and make them feel better. A beautiful painting needs a beautiful canvas, which is why it is important to use the best skincare products and as natural as possible."

    "I love the Forever Young Eye Cream - it keeps skin hydrated throughout the day and beautifully illuminates eye areas blurring fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for the Red Carpet events!"

    You can discover more of Vera's work via her Instagram


  3. Bigs_009


    We are trying something new at SOVERAL...

    Many of you will know our story and Alexandra's expertise, so we are looking to share your stories and your beautiful talents, which inspire us all in so many ways and reinforce the importance of what we do at SOVERAL.

    We begin with Anna Moller, a US-born photographer, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Anna works in both fine art and commercial realms. She loves to shoot analogue film because of its serendipitous nature and its way of communicating colour, texture and light.

    "I believe natural beauty lies in authenticity. People make choices of how they want to be seen in the world, in their look and attitude, and as long as these choices are grounded in feelings of care and self-worth, then I think there is beauty there.

    "Personally and aesthetically, I prefer simplicity. I feel silly in makeup and my clothes are usually pretty basic. I wear a lot of jeans. That is how I feel most comfortable. When someone is living from an honest and confident place, I think it really shows."

    "Angel Balm is my number one - It's so nourishing! The Floral Rain face mist is a close second. I also recently started using the Formula 1 moisturiser, which I layer on top, and I love that as well."

    You can find more of Anna's stunning work via her Instagram or at
    Some of our favourites!

    Girl with horse
    Mother and child
    Romanian Youth