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Our essential oils are true reflections of the power of nature - pure and organic

Traditionally used for centuries to boost the immune system, ward off disease, and calm the nervous system, essential oils should be a part of our daily life.  It is no surprise that our bodies are engineered and designed to make use of such oils. The size of an essential oil’s molecule is the perfect size to penetrate and travel through our skin and into our blood stream. Our olfactory system is also perfectly engineered for the molecular structure of essential oils, carrying them into the lungs where they can easily get absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Whilst the benefits of using essential oils in our daily life are plentiful, it is incredibly important to know how to effectively use them. They are powerful and their misuse may be dangerous. They are ‘alive’, and their effects may be too strong, or give us an undesirable effect. We believe the desire to reconnect with nature is in all of us, but in reconnecting with nature, we must learn how to respect it.

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Soveral essential oils are not medicines and should not be used as such.  Any claims made on the therapeutic action of each oil is based on the properties of the chemical compounds within the oil, and how that knowledge is applied in the traditional art of aromatherapy.

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